Products and development

At ArgoTech, our main business is advanced software development. We can develop software components to your specifications. We also design products independently and some of them are available for licensing.

ECPC: Elliptic Curve Point Counting (made easy!)

ECPC is our first and foremost product at the present time. It is a specialized technical product which dramatically speeds up the generation of secure curves for elliptic-curve cryptography. Please see this non-technical pitch describing the advantages of ECPC. There is also a ZDNet article. We are currently seeking a partner, ideally a leading crypto provider, to license ECPC and incorporate it as a part of their software offer. Such a combination would lead to a clear technical superiority over competing crypto toolkits.

Future plans

We are investigating the feasibility of a business software package for automating the somewhat complex design and implementation of BSA and BSPCE plans for French companies (BSA = Bons de Souscription d’Actions, BSPCE = Bons de Souscription de Parts de Créateurs d’Entreprise) to reduce the costly lawyer and accountant time currently required.