Software Development

ArgoTech makes use of the latest research results to produce practical applications with unbeatable performance. We specialize in creating quality software that incorporates advanced algorithms in areas such as:

  • Number theory and algebra, multi-precision arithmetic, primality testing, finite fields, number fields, fast polynomial computations…
  • Cryptography, arithmetic aspects and key generation for public-key methods such as RSA and ECC, etc.
  • Numerical algorithms: precise mathematical library functions, IEEE 754 and high-precision floating point,
  • Signal processing: FFT, DCT, image compression, JPEG, wavelets…

As an example of our achievements in software development at the leading edge of current technology, our ECPC suite (Elliptic Curve Point Counting) speeds up the computation of elliptic-curve group sizes by a factor ranging from ten to several hundred over what is possible with other packages.

The primary application of ECPC is in elliptic-curve cryptography. It rapidly calculates the most secure keys and can do so even on systems with constrained computational power such as mobile electronic devices. In this manner ECPC improves the key generation phase of electronic signatures and Diffie-Hellman type protocols, for instance.

ECPC represents a technological advance because it achieves the best performance possible in its domain, according to current mathematical research. With software of this type, ArgoTech can offer your company a clear technical advantage over competitors and help place you at the heart of the new information and communication technologies.

Business consulting

ArgoTech offers consulting services to solve your managerial and organisational problems and, in addition, to provide you with the most appropriate legal advice and draft contracts. By way of example we can adapt your human resource management policy for the 35-hour working week in France and find a contractual solution taking account of financial incentives to which you may be entitled.

We can also help you to take advantage of the growing French and European markets. ArgoTech can provide the advice necessary to adapt your business plan to local conditions and in particular, precise guidance to help you overcome regulatory obstacles confronting your project. We can also assist you in responding to new market challenges, for instance in creating a new subsidiary if appropriate to improve your organisation’s structure.

We offer practical training to minimise your risks under French and European law. Our courses can be customized to suit your decision-makers and typically cover areas such as:

  • Intellectual property law and trademark law,
  • Droit social (company and labour law),
  • Commercial aspects of penal law.